Maria Maria (Danville)Authentic Mexican Cuisine

About Us

The Cuisine the menu inspired by legendary Carlos Santana, is a regional exploration of Mexican dishes presented with a modern flair. The Inspired Mexican cuisine features traditional dishes with an... innovative approach. Expect such surprises as slow braised duck tacos covered with a roasted tomato habanero cream sauce; red snapper veracruz; seafood quacamole; and Maria’s famous pepper steak. The menu brings magic to cooked and uncooked sauces and salsas.. There are fork-tender meats prepared with chiles, garlic, and spices used as marinades which make chicken and grilled meats melt in your mouth. Our chef’s at Maria Maria are committed to simplifying the complexities of their native cuisine, while sharing their fascination with its multicultural currents. Maria Maria Artwork Maria Maria’s ambiance and environment are inspired by the music of Santana, reflecting its passion and spirit with vibrant artwork. Please view the “ART” section of this site to learn more about the artwork featured at Maria Maria. All of the artists we showcase have worked on various projects with Carlos Santana over the years.
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710 Camino Ramon
Danville CA, 94526